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Centerpiece Rose

Centerpiece Rose

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While experimenting with this Rose pattern, we were hoping we could print a large size of this rose for a conversational piece, or as the focal point for table arrangements. This is the result.

Standing at just under 6 inches tall and about 5.5 inches wide, our Centerpiece Rose comes in Cheerful Yellow, Hopeful Blue, and Patient Pink. We love clustering it with other roses of the same color but in different sizes; it creates an adorable 'family' of roses. As a sculpture or as a centerpiece, our Centerpiece Rose is a testament to the potential of 3D printing when it comes to delicate, organic works of art.

*Rose shape designed by Lytta on Printables*


Height: About 5.75 inches tall

Width: About 5.5 inches wide

PLEASE NOTE: Due to being printed with thin layers to achieve that delicate look, our Centerpiece Roses are extremely light at just over 3 ounces and we strongly recommend not dropping them, or they run the risk of cracking. It's like the screen of your phone -- if you drop it at the wrong angle, it could break.

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Customer Reviews

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Alyssa N
This is just gorgeous

Feels very elegant to have a such big, beautiful rose! Am enjoying it on my desk at work, nearly everyone has noticed it and wants to know where it came from, it's so lovely. Going to use it as a centerpiece and try putting a candle light in the middle when I take it home again. Plan to buy in another color!