Our First Shirt

When we talk about merging tech and nature, we don't mean just 3D printing, although that's our main drive. We want to create fun apparel and other merch, too, for people 'in the know', and stay inclusive for those just starting the lifestyle.

Not to mention, we like puns, visual or otherwise. We like them a lot.

For those curious, the leaf featured in our design is a drawing of a Monstera Burle Marx Flame!

And because we love to work with artists and give credit where it's due, and also because we can't draw and know it, Allison Shinsky is who created our leaf for our first shirt, and you can find her other work here.

Model is 5ft 9in and wearing XL

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Staying Size-Inclusive

It doesn't matter what shape or size you are, everybody likes plants, and everybody deserves a shirt that fits. That's why we use unisex sizing. We are constantly striving to find providers to find sources for sizes on both ends of the spectrum. But for now, here's what is on offer for this first drop.

We get it. You like plants.

So do we! Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to straightforward solutions for your houseplant obsession. Here at Planterful Pieces we offer products that cater to the planty people of the world. Merging 3D print technology with a love for nature, our products are cute, durable, and functional without being boring.

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  • Different, but Light

    Our heaviest product weighs in at about 7 ounces.
    We wanted our designs to be unique without weighing you down.

  • Light, but Strong

    Although our products weigh less than a pound, that doesn't mean they're weak. For example, if your plant falls off a high shelf, your plantmay break, but our planters won't.

  • High Speed, High Quality

    We don't sacrifice quality for speed. Each design goes through rigorous testing and multiple iterations before being approved for release. Once we're given the go-ahead, they're printed as soon as your order comes in so we can ship it to you as fast as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you 3D print with?

We print using PLA, or polylactic acid. PLA is made from renewable resources like corn starch and sugar cane, among other plants! This makes it more environmentally friendly than other materials out there.

Is it safe to use these planters outside?

We're gonna be candid and say it varies on your climate. Anywhere indoors or on a windowsill is fine, but outside in extreme weather conditions, like direct sunlight, 100+ degree heat, or snow? That could make them go brittle and start breaking down more quickly than you (or we!) want.

Are you going to design anything else besides planters?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: We know there's a lot of houseplant enthusiasts besides us out there. Trust us, we have a ton of ideas for collections, from jewelry to art pieces to apparel to more planters and pots! Keep an eye out in our Instagram (@planterfulpieces) for sneak peeks, collection releases, and just fun content all around. We aim to include 3D print designs from other artists as well -- some may be permanent and others just 'visiting'. Be sure to check back frequently!