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Planterful Pieces

Half Dozen Stemmed Roses

Half Dozen Stemmed Roses

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(If you select the Color Combination option, be sure to tell us in the note at checkout how many of which color you want in your order.)

What's more romantic than a bunch of roses, right?

These don't wilt, or shrivel up and make us sad that we held on to them so long and then put off throwing them away for weeks and now we're scared to touch the vase or the flowers themselves in fear it'll all disintegrate.

(We're not speaking from personal experience here, we promise.)

With a soft shine and delicate folds, our roses look perfect across a variety of vase heights and decor styles, with colors like Patient Pink, Hopeful Blue, and Cheerful Yellow to choose from. 

Additionally, since not everyone likes using taller vases, we created stems that make our flowers an overall 8 inches in length, versus the 12 inches of their taller siblings. They look great in those Mason jars or other shorter containers for an informal, cottagecore vibe. 

The stems do have thorns, but we sand them down a touch so they're not too stabby, but still fun to hold.

And they don't wilt.

We really can't stress that enough.

*Rose shape designed by Lytta on Printables*


12-Inch Rose Height: 12 inches (bottom of stem to top of flower)

8-inch Rose Height: 8 inches (bottom of stem to top of flower)

Please know: One order is a half dozen roses; for now that's the minimum due to shipping and packing constraints. If there is a demand for fewer of them in the future, then we'll see what we can do to tweak it, but in testing we've found about a half dozen is a good place to start, especially if you want to add on to your arrangements with greenery or other flowers or gifting to friends.

PLEASE NOTE: While the stems are stronger than the Roses due to how they're printed, the Roses themselves are unbelievably light at just half an ounce, and we strongly advise not dropping them. Think of it like the screen of your phone -- if you drop it at the wrong angle, it will crack, due to being made of such thin layers. The thin layers are necessary to achieve that delicate look.


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Customer Reviews

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Alyssa N
Perfect for my vase!

Have a clear vase and the 6 roses fit perfectly with the 12-inch stems, enough room for me to add a few decorations of my own. Same size as the baby roses but they look bigger on the stems, which are pretty realistic looking without being too poky. The shiny petals look beautiful in all of the colors, asked for and got 2 of each for my bouquet. Will be giving as gifts for a permanent remembrance (and for folks who can't keep real plants around.)