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Half Dozen Baby Roses

Half Dozen Baby Roses

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(If you select the Color Combination option, be sure to tell us in the note at checkout how many of which color you want in your order.)

This listing is for the people who love our roses but don't love the stems. We get it. Thorns are not for everybody. 

Our Baby Roses, however, are. 

Small but lovely, our Baby Roses are perfect for favors at weddings, showers, or pregnancy announcements.

They're available in Patient Pink, Hopeful Blue, and Cheerful Yellow.

*Rose shape designed by Lytta on Printables*

Height: 2 inches

Width: 2 inches

Heads-up: Each order is for a half dozen roses, so please keep that in mind. Much like our Stemmed Roses, a half dozen is the minimum due to shipping and packing constraints. If there is a demand for fewer of them in the future, we'll see what we can do to tweak it, but in testing we've found a half dozen is a good place to start, especially if they're as gifts or clustered decorations (we recommend groups of 3).

PLEASE NOTE: They are unbelievably light at just half an ounce, and we strongly advise not dropping them. Think of it like the screen of your phone -- if you drop it at the wrong angle, it will crack, due to being made of such thin layers. The thin layers are necessary to achieve that delicate look.


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Alyssa N
For our Baby

Bought one 6-pack with 3 different colors in different amounts, colors came in the correct numbers requested. Gave 2 as baby shower gifts, so cute! They look delicate but are actually reasonably sturdy (did not break when dropped and in the hands of our 2-year old). Saved the others as my own rose family with one for each child or in-law. Will probably buy again for more gifts!