About Us

It all started with a planter.

Our founder, Gwen, had just started on her journey collecting houseplants and was hunting for something nice-looking to house her aroids and other tropicals without losing air circulation. She hoped she could use the same planters for her ‘normal’ plants, too, letting her watch their roots.

This ideal aroid planter shouldn’t have been difficult to find, but after combing through garden stores, big box chains, local nurseries, and more, nothing fit the bill. Too heavy, too enclosed, too opaque, too unappealing, she despaired of ever finding the right one. Necessity is the mother of invention, though, and unwilling to settle, she resolved to do it herself.

Gwen had always thought of 3D printing as a tool for engineering or science, but after reluctantly (very reluctantly) learning how to 3D model, she was overjoyed to find that she could design and print exactly the planters she’d envisioned. They looked cute, they were made in the colors she wanted, and most importantly, they worked.

While learning to make her planters, Gwen incidentally discovered that there are thousands of beautiful, nature-inspired 3D print patterns created by other 3D artists. Unfortunately, the reality of 3D printing means that these aren’t readily available to the average consumer. Between the opportunity to help bring these creative works to the public and her desire to share her own efforts, Planterful Pieces was born. The Launch Collection is just the first of many releases to come.

Thus, our mission:

We at Planterful Pieces want to bring you, experienced planty people and novices of the lifestyle alike, not only a fresh take on planters, but also a curated shop for nature-themed art, jewelry, prints, apparel, and more that appeal to fellow houseplant enthusiasts.

There’s a lot of amazing content coming down the pipeline, and we can’t wait to share it all with you. Thanks for stopping by.